Issue Overview

An overview of our issue management overview page. Learn how to view and manage errors that are impacting your sync.

Our issues page shows any issues that may be affecting your sites sync between Flowmonk, Airtable and your Webflow site. The issues management page will show you important information about outstanding issues affecting your sync and how you could correct those errors.


  • The time field shows the time that the last error occurred


  • The status shows the current status of the error

Flow types

  • Item pageview sync
  • Two way sync


  • The site that is experiencing the error


  • The table that is impacted by the error


  • A description of the error received and relevant information about that error

When you click on any of the specific errors you'll be able to view additional information about that error and potential ways to correct the issue that you are facing. We provide additional details regarding the error received and the source of the error. For example, if Webflow is providing the error you'll see Webflow located under the source. We've included the item IDs, first encountered and last encountered time stamps. We also provide a transaction ID that can be used for support in the event you aren't able to diagnose the problem yourself and need support by the Flowmonk support team.

Other information that you'll find on the issue details expansion window:

  • Description
  • Source
  • Site
  • Table
  • Action
  • Item ID
  • Last Encountered
  • First Encountered
  • Transaction ID
  • Fields
  • API Error Status Code
  • API Error JSON response

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