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Smart mapping fields

Flowmonk makes mapping fields dead simple with our smart mapping functionality.

When setting up your Airtable & Webflow sync we've made the process as simple as possible. If you utilize our auto configuration option during setup of your Airtable & Webflow sync we'll automatically generate your Airtable base based on your Webflow configuration. This makes the mapping portion a breeze as all created fields will automatically be smart mapped, requiring no additional effort on your part.

If you chose to manually setup your Airtable base, or already have an Airtable base that you used for syncing in the past you our smart mapping functionality will automatically map fields that share the same field names. This means that you don't need to spend extra time mapping fields one by one, instead our smart mapping functionality will map any and all fields with the same field names.

Keep in mind that you have full control of what fields are mapped and stay in sync between Airtable and Webflow. You can remove, or change fields based on your needs during the mapping stage of the sync setup.

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